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We are proud to partner with Cognivue to help improve the lives of patients and caregivers by providing early testing for proactive intervention.

Causes of Memory Loss & Other Cognitive Issues

Memory loss and other cognitive issues may occur due to a variety of reasons that can be treated and managed, including, but not limited to…

  • Diabetes

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Cardiovascular Issues

  • Poor Lifestyle Choices

  • Hearing or Vision Loss

  • Medication Side Effects

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

  • Sports that Impact the Head

  • Stress/Depression/Anxiety

  • COVID-19

Taking control now and discussing your Thrive report with your physician can help you manage your brain health and lead to a more fulfilling life.

How Does Thrive Work?

Stop by the pharmacy and tell any of our associates that you would like to know your Brain Health Score – no appointment needed. You will be taken to a designated area where you will fill out a short intake form. You will then watch a two-minute introductory video before completing the computerized Thrive screening. The screening itself takes about five minutes.

Thrive is not a questions and answer type of test. It is the only computerized screening program based on the same FDA-cleared technology used to assess cognitive function by neurologists and other physicians. There is no typing required. You will use a simple joystick that spins to complete the assessment.

Once completed, you will meet with a pharmacist one-on-one. The pharmacist will review your personalized report along with your individualized CogniWell action plan to help guide changes in your lifestyle and overall wellness that will put you in control of your cognitive health.

What is My Brain Health Score?

Your Brain Health Score provides an evaluation of your cognitive abilities. Cognivue Thrive provides your Brain Health Score for three important cognitive areas in addition to two critical speed performance metrics.

Five Brain Health Score Areas:

1. Memory: Ability to store and use information when needed.

2. Visuospatial: Ability to visualize yourself and your surroundings.

3. Executive Function: Ability to concentrate and problem solve.

4. Reaction Time: Time it takes to physically react to situations.

5. Processing Speed: Time it takes to mentally process a task.

The results report provides your Brain Health Score and ability level for each of the five areas, along with details on how your performance in each of these areas likely impacts your everyday life.

Why is Knowing My Brain Health Score So Important?

People of all ages should know the health of their brain just as they know the health of their body (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose readings, etc.). Your cognition is who you are, and it impacts your ability to have a productive, social, and balanced life. Many underlying factors could be negatively impacting your cognitive health, and you may not recognize it until it is too late. Knowing your Brain Health Score now will enable you to take charge of your cognitive health when and where it matters most.

Getting older doesn’t always have to lead to memory loss or dementia. Early detection is the key to reducing your risk of memory loss and permanent cognitive impairment. Understanding your Brain Health Score today and tracking your scores over time with annual screenings will help you take control of your memory and brain performance.

Know Your Brain Health Score Today: Take the Cognivue Thrive™ Assessment!



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